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IBC Technologies was established in 1994 with the express purpose of improving the world of hydronic (hot water) heating. Our team of experienced boiler engineering and marketing personnel recognized that the latest innovations in combustion control technology, combined with appropriate design-embedded controls, were fundamental foundations for the optimization of new, reliable heating equipment.

During the early product development phase, the Company’s efforts were recognized by the Canadian Institute of Energy with their annual award for outstanding R&D in the field of energy. IBC’s first certified unit was the VFC 50-130 wall-mounted, modulating condensing boiler. This product featured as a finalist in Canada’s national Energy Efficiency Awards (year 2000 edition), earning personal commendations from Ralph Goodale, the then federal Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

By the end of 2002, we had developed a suite of 8 separate boiler models, with installations from BC, Alberta, through Ontario to the Maritimes.

In 2003, a new model – the VFC 15-150 – utilized the latest advances in burner, gas air mixing and control technology to become the first 10-to-1 throttle range, residential-scale modulating boiler in North America. In a single model we now spanned the range from the small cottage to sprawling mansion.

A larger unit – the VFC 45-225 – followed in 2004; this boiler is typically used in multiples within commercial buildings.

While numerous examples of the original 8 boiler models continue to provide great service to satisfied owners, our product line was adjusted in 2006 to go forward with the VFC 15-150 and 45-225, given their broad versatility.

From its headquarters in Vancouver, IBC originates all product hardware and software design (including its proprietary heat exchanger constructed of titaniumized 316 stainless steel) manages inventory, production, sales and ongoing market support. We continue to invest a large proportion of our resources in research and development projects to further secure our energy future.

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